Sunday, July 2, 2017

A vist to Portland, Oregon: Part 1 - Public Art Tour

I toured the city early Sunday morning, June 11th, taking a route suggested by Where to Bike.


"Litte Prince" crown.

Bike sculpture and Zoobomb bike storage.

My Bike Friday in front of the guest at at the Northwest Portland Hostel on NW 18th Ave.
Check it out! Two side-by-side same direction bicycle lanes. 
Now that's a wide buffered bike lane on SW 13th Ave.  From Google Street view it appears parking
was removed from this street sometime after 2016.
On the Hawthorne Bridge.  I like the clear bike and pedestrian markings.

My first ride in a left-side bike lane.   Unusual being in the passenger side door zone.

Bikes and transit, great combination.   Riding the nice recent bicycle infrastructure on Natio Parkway.

Lots of green for people on bikes near the transit station.  Only bicycles and buses can go straight here.

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