Friday, December 12, 2008

Buffer Area Bicycle Path

In the summer of 2006, this sand road and other trails through the Daytona Highlands buffer area didn't have NO TRESPASSING signs. These went up later that year and have prevented my commute through the buffer area from my home in the Highlands to my job at Embry-Riddle Areonautical University. A recent news article suggests things may change in the buffer area. Let's not have more parking lots please. How about a bicycle-pedestrian trail that gets people out of their cars and onto bicycles.

Bicycle Infrastructure in Boulder, CO

I had the pleasure of biking around Boulder for two weeks in July 2008 and it was a great experience. Imagine cycling across town without stopping, passing under or over all the major roads. It is wonderfu. This is what a bicycling community looks like. With some vision, we can do it here in Daytona Beach and we don't even have to worry about plowing the bike lanes during the winter! See more great films at STREETFILMS.