Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Trip to Portland Oregon: Part 2 - Cargo Bike Roll Call Pedalpalooza Ride (my first!)

I have two xtracycles at home so I had to participate in the Cargo Bike Roll Call ride even if all I brought was my folding Bike Friday bike.
Saw at least three Bike Friday Haul-a-Days on the ride.   
A bicycle-pulled sauna.  Why not?

Great to see all the kids on the ride.
Portland's greenways are so nice!  Another Haul-a-Day with extra wheels for walls.
I like these bicycle-only left turns.   These diverters reduce car traffic on greenways.
Twenty is Plenty!  Portland's Neighborhood Greenways are 20mph and have low car traffic volume.
We rode round Ladd's Circle only 4 times, 496 to go!  Note the cartoon doggie doing a handstand on the Sharrow.

This guy wins for heaviest load!  Long-tail cargo bike plus a trailer.

Quite the sound system on this cargo bike.

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