Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Utility Corridors as Bicycle Paths

This on-line story in the News-Journal (May 2, 2010) reports that the Port Orange City Council will not pursue (by a vote of 4-1) turning a Florida Power & Light east-west utility corridor into a bicycle path connecting Port Orange City Center with Nova Road. Security concerns are the issue, apparently people are waiting to ambush bicyclists along the path. The answer is more bicyclists, more eyes on the path. Florida DOT would pay for 75% of the $106,000 cost, but the council said no. The council did vote for $38,500 for turn-lane construction. Will these turn lanes take into account the crossing of the car traffic across present or future bicycle lanes? I hope so. Port Orange has some of the best, albeit limited, urban path systems in the area. I hope they take up this issue again soon. The bicyclists won't come if they don't build the paths.