Sunday, March 13, 2016

Needed: a low-stress bicycle network for the Daytona Beach area

Imagine a city where traveling by bicycle is not only fun and healthy, but less stressful also.   San Jose, CA got low-stress bicycle network assessment, Daytona Beach should have one too!
Mapping streets by Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) should help prioritize what is needed to connect the lowest traffic stress neighborhoods of a city together into a large low-stress bicycle network!

A map like this has been made for San Jose, CA.

The study, Low Stress Bicycling and Network Connectivity,  found that most streets in the city had the lowest stress level, LTS =1, but they are isolated from each other.

The study suggested improvements, marked in orange:

These changes greatly increase the size of the network for bicycle travel less than or equal to LTS=2 (Most Adults).

Here's a comparison of the network before and after the improvements:

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